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About Me:

       SELAM was inspired by a need for natural products that would compliment my sensitive skin. I've had Eczema my whole life and I would always struggle to find bath products that helped my skin. When I would buy bath products from local stores, my skin would always flare up and I would have hives all over my body. I also noticed that I was getting an unpleasant amount of  ingrown hair. I use to get so excited when I would see labels on bath products that read it was made with  "coconut oil", "lemon blueberry", "shea butter", and other natural ingredients. I soon began to realize after reading the actual ingredients on the back, that most of these products consisted of fragrances with just a small amount of the natural product it stated it was made from. I was motivated to do some research on ways to make natural bath products without the hassle of spending lots of money for poor quality results.


      SELAM was created to help you become at peace within your natural state of mind. You can do this by exfoliating toxins, soaking in minerals, and rejuvenating your skin to improve the health of your body, mind, and soul. I hope you all enjoy these products as much as I have over the years!! :) 

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